Project in brief

“Restoration of ecological continuity and implementation of activities improving the functioning of the Biała Tarnowska river free migration corridor”

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River valleys have been transformed, built up and partitioned for decades. This led to
a disruption in water management – an increased risk of flooding and drought. The degradation of valleys and riverbeds has caused a reduction in the population or even total extinction of many species of aquatic organisms. Fifteen of the twenty-one fish species living in Biała Tarnowska need access to stony or gravelly ground to live. Riverbeds of this type are found in the upper part of the drainage basin, but access to them is blocked by numerous weirs and dams located along the river. In some cases, they will improve the functioning of water intakes. The planned activities will improve the natural and landscape values of the Biała Valley and will positively influence the development of tourism and fishing.

The liquidation or modernization of fifteen weirs and the renaturalization of the riverbed fragments (with a total length of eighty kilometers) will not only create better living conditions and migration of fish but will also increase the flood safety of residents.

The project covers the following municipalities: Uście Gorlickie, Grybów, Bobowa and Ciężkowice. It is a continuation of earlier activities leading to an increase in the biodiversity of the river valley by restoring the habitats of native species of plants and animals and creating favorable conditions for their living and free movement.

The project was implemented in 2017-2020 as part of the Operational Program Infrastructure and Environment 2014-2020. The total cost of the project’s activities was over PLN 39.3 million (EUR 9 160 839), and the sources of financing are the European Union Cohesion Fund (PLN 33.4 million, EUR 7 803 738) and the state budget (PLN 5.9 million, 1378 504 EUR).

The beneficiary of the project is:

Państwowe Gospodarstwo Wodne Wody Polskie
Regionalny Zarząd Gospodarki Wodnej w Krakowie

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