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Renaturalization of the riverbed

The so-called deflectors, i.e. structures initiating lateral erosion and subsequent free migration will be constructed in six sections of the Biała river in the municipalities
of Ciężkowice and Grybów. As a result, erosion of the bottom will decrease, and the condition of the riverbed and habitats of living organisms will improve. Natural retention will also increase and this will improve the flood safety for residents.

River erodible corridors:
Commune Grybów: Kąclowa (78+950 – 79+800)
Commune Ciężkowice: Bogoniowice-Tursko (44+000 – 46+450),
Ciężkowice (46+500 – 47+700), Zborowice 1 (50+900 – 51+750),
Zborowice 2 (52+300 – 52+700), Pławna (55+050 – 55+750)

Project of the erodible corridor Bogoniowice-Tursko (red points – deflectors, red lines – “sleeping” reinforcement)
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